Win a double pass to Fleetwood Mac in NZ!

Concerts & Events 24/05/2013

Fleetwood Mac is coming to New Zealand, performing at Auckland’s Vector Arena on Friday 6th December.

And… we have tickets for you to win before they even go on sale!

Whenever you hear a Fleetwood Mac Triple Play on The Sound, we’ll give a pair of tickets to the 20th listener that texts FM to 339.

Make sure you wait until the start in the third song in the Fleetwood Mac Triple Play as that’s where we’ll work out who the 20th texter and lucky winner is. The announcer will share the winners name on air once the 20th text is received & if it’s you you’ll be rewarded with a double pass to Fleetwood Mac!

Fleetwood Mac at Auckland’s Vector Arena, Friday 6th December.

Tickets are on sale Thursday 13th June.

Monday 27 May 
11am - Joe Gadd, Auckland
6pm Wes Gravatt, Christchurch  
Tuesday 28 May 
7am - David Fraser, Taupiri
3pm - Mark Dingle, Auckland
Wednesday 29 May 
9am - Euan Slight, Wellington
5.30pm - Melanie Silk, Kapiti Coast
Thursday 30 May
6.30am - Brent McDonald, Gore 
2pm - Tania Kahu