Here's what you could buy with Lotto's $30m jackpot

What would you do with a cool $30 million?
Powerball has jackpotted to this amount, after Wednesday night's draw wasn't won. "The Powerball jackpot could be won at any time, but if it continues to roll over a must-be-won draw will be called at $40 million," chief executive at Lotto NZ Wayne Pickup says.
However, one lucky player did score $1 million in last night's draw. A self-proclaimed 'Westie' was the last Kiwi to take home a Powerball jackpot nearly three years ago, the $33 million making him the country's largest-ever individual Powerball winner.
We've done a few fun calculations for what you could purchase if you are Saturday night's winner.
For just a little over $2.8 million Ermyn Island, a 32 acre private island in Canada, is a steal.
Or how about four luxury private jets for $7.5 million each?
Or just 10,752,688 packets of Pascall Jet Planes instead to keep your sweet tooth at bay for the rest of your life.
Or you could eat 7055201 packets of jet planes, on your own private jet plane, on the way to your private island.
Maybe instead if you were feeling charitable you could buy everyone in Auckland a 12-piece bucket of KFC chicken.