The Sound Eliminator


The Sound eliminator is coming Southland, and it’s your chance to walk away with $1000 in prizes!

Register now below then work out what prize from our list you want to eliminate and we could be calling YOU back to put you in the draw.

We’ll nail the list of 10 prizes down each weekday for two weeks till just one remains. Check out the fantastic prizes!

Life Pharmacy Donna Kerr - $1000 Beauty & Cosmetics Voucher

Diacks Nurseries - $1000 Voucher

Harvey Norman - $1000 Voucher

Placemakers Invercargill, Gore & Te Anau - $1000 Voucher

Bowmont Meats - $1000 Voucher

Of Travel Lakers - $1000 Voucher

Refrigeration Supplies - $1000 Voucher

Bombay Palace - $1000 Of Dining Or Function Hire - Eliminated!

Pet Smart - $1000 Voucher - Eliminated!

Plumbing World - $1000 Voucher

Register now below!