Mick Jagger furious over Rolling Stones accountant's book

News 12/02/2013
ROLLING STONES frontman SIR MICK JAGGER has taken aim at the band's former accountant for detailing the rockers' income and spending habits in a new book.
Prince Rupert Loewenstein, who spent nearly 40 years as the group's trusted financial adviser, has written about his work with the musicians in a new memoir called A Prince Among Stones.
In the book, he reveals how the rockers became tax exiles in France in a bid to protect their fortune and details a bitter feud between the band and a former manager. He even writes about Jagger's high-profile divorce from his wife Bianca, and described his role as "combination of bank manager, psychiatrist and nanny".
However, Jagger is fuming about the revelations in the book and has issued a scathing criticism of his former colleague, insisting he should have kept quiet.
He tells Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper, "Call me old fashioned, but I don't think your ex-bank manager should be discussing your financial dealings and personal information in public. It just goes to show that well brought-up people don't always display good manners."