Tracey meets Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

Shows 27/02/2015
I met Jimmy Page in London in 2007 - literally "bumped into him" in High Street Kensington London, it was the night after their big Reunion Concert at the O2 Arena, we talked to him for about 15 minutes. It was the second time I met him, in 1997 I sat next to him at an Aersosmith concert at Wembley but didn't have a camera on me so to meet him a second time (with camera!) was AMAZING.
I met Robert Plant in Auckland in 2013 when he came to AKL ....I got invited by Warner Music who know I am obsessed with Zeppelin, and there were only about 6 of us in the room...Robert was hilarious and talked to each of us indiviidually, like he really wanted to know about us which is hugely unsusual....Ive met so many musicians, and the meet and greets are normally super-rushed affairs, photo and gone, but Robert hung in there and drunk wine and chatted for ages, loved him.
Tracey Donaldson