Neil Young to release new LP 'Effortless'

Artist 04/03/2016
At 70 Neil Young is still going strong and due to release his new LP titled 'Effortless' featuring Promise of the Real.

This will be his 37th album as a solo artist and his second collaboration with the band featuring Willie Nelson's sons Micah and Lukas Nelson.

The title was said to have been a reflection of how young feels performing with Promise of the Real.

"I feel really good and amped and energized. And I feel like I'm doing something that I've never done before... It's not just music. It's a soundscape. It's kind of like flying around listening to things with your eyes closed" said Young.

The album isn't conventional either. Young describes it as "more like a radio show" where it has no stops. In fact the songs are too long for iTunes. It's more like a live show.

"Imagine it's a live show where the audience is full of every living thing on earth — all of the animals and insects and amphibians and birds and everybody — we're all represented. And also they overtake the music once in a while and play the instruments. It's not conventional ... but it is based on live performance."

During a recent performance Neil impersonated Donald Trump but sadly no one videoed it. He also commented on the electoral situation saying, "I support Bernie Sanders but I'm Canadian... I vote with my mouth. That's my way."