This is how much money Page and Plant have made from their music

News 20/06/2016
Their court case has been going for about a week now after claims that Led Zeppelin stole the opening on their huge hit 'Stairway To Heaven'. 
'Stairway To Heaven' is said to be ripped off from Spirits 'Taurus'. However both Plant and Page claim to have never heard Wolfe’s composition, even though Led Zeppelin had opened for Spirit when the UK rock legends made their US debut on 26th December 1968 in Denver.
As ABC News reports, music royalties expert Michael Einhorn told the Los Angeles federal court on Friday that Page and Plant have made US$58.5 million (NZD$82 million) from ‘Stairway to Heaven’.
The fact that they made that from one song is atonishing in itself.