Dutch band cops flak for 'offensive' haka song

Music 19/07/2016
A Dutch pop band's song about New Zealand's beloved haka is being met with a mixture of outrage and mockery online.
De Alpenzusjes - roughly translated to 'The Alps Sisters' - also starred in a music video for the track, which is creatively entitled 'Haka' - and includes their own rendition of the Māori tradition.
The duo's version of the haka features a smattering of unconventional moves, and many of those who saw the video on YouTube were left bemused by just what they were watching.
As it stands the clip has 125 dislikes and 91 likes, with many commenters incensed by a music video they deemed to be offensive and lacking in respect for Māori culture.
"As a Dutch rugby player I have never been more ashamed than right now. Praise the lord my rugby club does have a moral compass, and cultural respect cuz this is f*cking ridiculous [sic]," one said.
A second commenter, Peter Lockwood, described it simply as "the worst".
"Haka is a big part of my cultural identity and to do this is.... offensive.the only way to make it worse would be if you did blackface. bugger off, bloody hoha pakeha [sic]."
Yet another said it was an example of "white people making fun of someone else's culture", mockingly calling the song and video a "great contribution to the world".