Cop tries, fails to arrest runaway cows

Music 04/08/2016
Have you herd the one about the police officer who tried to arrest a pair of "mad" cows?
Ernest MacVane of the Windham Police Department in Maine hopes his humorous attempt to take a pair of cows into custardy will put a human face on the police force, which hasn't had the best publicity of late.
After receiving a call about cows attacking vehicles on a country road, Mr MacVane went to investigate - but quickly realised that without a lasso, there was little he could do. "I certainly couldn't put them in my car," he told the Boston Globe.
Instead, he decided to pretend they were fugitives and get them out of the whey of traffic.
"We've got a possible mad cow situation here. We're gonna handle this," he says, getting out of his patrol car.
"Alright you guys, would you just step over the side of the road and put your hands up in the air? Don't run from me, I'm the police! Watch out for the mailbox. Right, down on the ground. Get down on the ground! Stop resisting. That's booze, leave that alone. It's not good for you. It's booze."