David Bowie's grandson is named after him

Music 01/08/2016
Earlier last month, on the 6 month anniversary of Bowie's death, his grandson was born.
David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, made the announcement of their first child who was named Stenton David Jones in his grandfather's memory.
Duncan tweeted, "“Stenton David Jones. Born July 10th, exactly six months after his grandad made room for him. Love you both so.”
Bowie's 45 year old son is a filmmaker who has quite a few awards under his belt from his time in the industry. 
Born in 1971 to Bowie and his first wife, Angie, Jones was known by his legal middle name, “Zowie,” for much of his childhood. As a teenager, he preferred to be called “Joey,” before switching to his birth name of Duncan Jones as an adult.
Bowie has another child to his second wife and supermodel, Iman.