Proud dad of deer heart-eating girl unfazed by haters

Music 25/08/2016
A proud Kiwi dad has copped a lot of flak on Facebook after publishing a photo of his young daughter biting into the heart of a deer she'd just killed.
Johnny Yulie, a police officer, posted photos on the social media platform of he and his daughter posing by the dead young stag with the rifle she used to kill it, along with the grisly photo of her eating its raw heart.
It's not unheard of for hunters to taste an animal they've killed shortly after its death in this manner.
"Proud of this pink ninja princess shot her first deer (a young stag) all by herself," writes Mr Yulie. "In the bush she stalked in and made a tricky shot down hill, 35-40 metres with a 7mm-08. Cheers for the hunt and the memories Colin and Marg Baynes at Makapua station."
The photos were shared on the NZ Woman Hunters Facebook page, which has since been hidden.
That post attracted thousands of shares and comments, many harshly criticising Mr Yulie.
While he understands that some people don't agree with hunting or eating meat, Mr Yulie says he's "not fussed" about other people's opinions.
"Safety is the important thing," Mr Yulie told Fairfax Media, adding that he's been taking his daughter on hunts since she was a toddler. "I carry the firearm because it's a bit too heavy for her. I ran her through the seven basic rules and taught her about safety."
Mr Yulie's daughter is said to have said the deer hunt was "really cool" and the raw heart "tasted quite nice".