These sports have been discontinued from the Olympics over the years

Vids 03/08/2016

Twenty-eight sports will be contested at the Rio Olympics, compared to just nine featured at the first ever modern games in 1896.

Since then a number of sports have been introduced, only to then disappear from the Games' line-up. Tug-of-war was a popular event between 1900 and 1920. It's still a competitive sport today but hasn't made its way back into the Olympics.

Perhaps most bizarre was live pigeon shooting, an Olympic sport in 1900. The rules were simple - whoever shot the most pigeons, won.

Our beloved rugby was another casualty, discontinued in 1924 - but it will return this year in the form of rugby sevens. Croquet was also short-lived, played only in 1900 in Paris - perhaps because only one fan turned up to watch. Cricket was also played in 1900 - an English team played against a French team made up of mostly Brits. The sport's run only lasted one year due to a lack of competing teams.

Motor boating made an appearance in1908. It was strictly for men and speeds weren't impressive by today's standards, with an average speed of around 30km/h.

It makes you wonder what sports we might see in future.