Kiwi guitars made in a shed are famous around the world

Music 11/10/2016

As Kiwis, we pride ourselves on our high quality exports: dairy products, seafood, software university graduates. Now we can add guitars to that list.

Russ Mattsen's high-end instruments are sought after by guitarists around the world. The custom resonator guitars he builds look amazing and sound just as good.

He's been creating guitars for 20 years now but they're also built for a purpose.

"I don't want them to be wall-hanging pieces, I want them to be played and that's why I'm always really proud to see them go off into the world," Mr Mattsen says.

He doesn't do mass production and only makes six guitars a year. He's all about crafting every instrument slowly and carefully, and they sell for thousands of dollars.

One of the most remarkable things is it is all happening from a little shed in a suburban backyard.