JOURNEY - Lovin',Touchin',Squeezin - 1979 - EVOLUTION (LP)

Music 11/11/2016
American rock group Journey's first hit single - Climbing as high as #37 on the NZ singles charts on its release back in 1979 A time when disco was on it's last legs and rock n roll was making a well deserved comeback.

One of the best singers and one of the hottest dressers of the era was Steve Perry - As a frontman his voice could not be beat - His dress sense was one set of press on nails and some lip stick shy of being full drag - And that's without even a mention of how he managed that HAIR !

Check out the music video from July 1979 - Directed by Bruce Gowers, who would go onto become best known for producing music videos for the likes of Queen, Michael Jackson, and Prince.