Kiwi inventors have found a way to make watching TV better

Vids 09/12/2016
A Kiwi invention aims to solve an age-old dilemma: Finding a volume on the TV that lets you hear all the important bits but doesn't blast you away, or disturb others in the house.
It's a project that's been in development for eight years, for a problem that's been around for decades.
A small electronic chip called "The Moderator" invisibly adjusts volume levels up and down, without altering the sound quality.
Inventor Forbes Williams believes it's an important development: "If they could have the quiet bits a little bit louder in relation to the loud bits, or vice versa - just that dynamic range brought together."
It would benefit people who are hard of hearing, and reduce excess noise through walls or apartments.
The chip would be fitted into electronic devices, and switched on and off with the push of a button.
"There's 200 million smart TVs produced every year. [And The Moderator] can be retrofitted into past TVs," Ian Lamb, the director of VentureVoIP, said.
Home entertainment consultant Mikey Edie says there's been plenty of innovation in TV screens, but less focus on sound. "I think it's going to be incredible. As soon as I heard about it I was like, where can I buy one?"
The next step is taking The Moderator to the international market, with the goal of seeing it built into TVs and other devices in the near future.