Bruce Springsteen performs in Christchurch

Music 22/02/2017

After a nightmare week with the Port Hill fires, Christchurch can blow off some steam tonight as Bruce Springsteen rolls into town.

Thirty thousand people are flocking to AMI Stadium for the show, the biggest crowd the venue has ever seen.

And 250 of his most die-hard fans have been lining up since Friday for the big day, with their places in line checked three times a day.

If they're not there, they are struck off the list.

Their reward is to stand just a few metres away from the boss, who is known to pull lucky members of the crowd on stage.

Newshub spoke to the eager people in the line, who say it will all be worth it.

The numbers behind the event are massive, 30,000 people brings a $10 million boost to the local economy.

Frontier Touring's Brent Eccles says this is "the biggest ever concert at AMI stadium, which we're very proud of".