Guns N' Roses first NZ show kicks off tonight in Wellington

Music 02/02/2017
Guns N' Roses first NZ show begins in Wellington tonight.
Production manager Dale Skjerseth says the weather's been the biggest challenge of tonight's Wellington gig. They're behind schedule because of the winds yesterday.
He's promising fans a 2 hr 45 minute set tonight and "an extraordinary, fantastic show".
Mr Skjerseth, who has also been production manager for the likes of AC/DC, the Eagles and Black Sabbath, says a show like tonight's takes months of preparation.
Mr Skjerseth came to New Zealand with Guns N' Roses in the 1993 "Use Your Illusion" tour.
On the difference between then and now? He says they're older and that means they're better.
"We've gotten older, we've gotten wiser and we appreciate what we do for a living. It's fantastic, they know the chemistry works."
GnR by numbers:
-63 production crew go on the road with the band
-50 locals are picked up to help out
-They have 90,000 tonnes of equipment, plus they pick up local sound/lights/video
-That's 20 trucks worth of equipment for the show, not including the stage.
It's ten years since Guns N' Roses performed in New Zealand, but this time it'll be with a near-original line up, after Slash and Duff McKagan re-joined last year.
"It's exciting to see them back together, it's the original from what we left it in 1993," Mr Skjerseth says.
Mr Skjerseth wasn't giving any dressing room secrets away, saying that's not his department. "They'll come, they'll set up, they'll go on stage, then they'll leave immediately after the show."
The band members are in their 50s now. So, does age hinder them? "No. As time goes on, you realise what you did then, musically, and now how much better you can make it."
The original band formed in 1995. Its debut album "Appetite for Destruction" sold 30 million copies.
Guns N' Roses touched down in the capital on Tuesday. They'll play one gig at Westpac Stadium tonight and a final show at Auckland's Western Springs on Saturday.
Mr Skjerseth wouldn't be drawn on what they've been doing in Wellington.
Guns N' Roses started this tour in April last year and so far they have dates booked until November.
Mr Skjerseth says while they do take breaks, "there's no end in sight".