New Eric Clapton documentary in the works

music news 20/02/2017

An Eric Clapton documentary titled 'Eric Clapton: A Life in 12 Bars' is in the works.

The film will be distributed by Showtime Documentary Films in North America and rolled out at film festivals later this year. 

In 2018 it will be available for the public to watch and played in selected cinemas.

The film will be directed by Fini Zanuck who directed 'Rush' in 1991 which was scored by Eric Clapton himself.

A Life in 12 Bars will be told through Slowhand’s own words and music and will feature interviews with Clapton, his family, friends, musical contemporaries and heroes, including the late B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix and George Harrison.

“Clapton’s music is the foundation of our film," Zanuck told "His commitment to the blues, its traditions and originators, is absolute from his earliest days. His personal life conveys the emotional spine of the film—his damaged emotional psyche threads throughout his life, informing his art and causing many abrupt and surprising shifts along the way."

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