Stevie Nicks reluctant to record new material

Music 02/02/2017

Stevie Nicks said she is reluctant to record any new material because she feels 'people aren't willing to pay for artists' work'.

The last time she released solo material was in 2011 with the album 'In Your Dreams' and the latest album release from Fleetwood Mac was back in 2003.

Nicks spoke to London's Evening Standard saying: "I don't write as many songs anymore because with the Internet, the way that kids listen to music, all the streaming, and the fact that if they're very savvy, if they want to get it and not pay for it, they can.""

"It goes against the grain of our whole belief in, 'You write a song, you record it, and you put it out there and people should buy it'."

"We realise it's not our world anymore and the younger kids don't look at it like they're taking from us...we don't have the impetus to write 20 songs because we know that unless you're under 20 you're not going to sell many records," she added.

She also said that in terms of making another Fleetwood Mac album, that the band would prefer to tour.

"Would you rather spend a year in the studio or get back on the road? I think that the band would choose to tour" she explained.

The upcoming duets album will also feature Mick Fleetwood and John McVie but won't come under the Fleetwood Mac banner.