Tony Banks doesn't think a Genesis reunion would be good enough

Music 02/03/2018

The 50th anniversary of Genesis' debut single 'The Silent Sun' is this year and although Tony Banks says it calls for "some great commemoration" he's not sure it will include a reunion.

When Phil Collins recently ended his self-imposed retirement, speculation of a reunion started.

Banks says he thinks there are still some unanswered questions surrounding any potential regathering.

“Phil is not really capable of drumming anymore," Banks told Billboard in a new interview. “He's singing well, but he can't really walk very far and he certainly can’t drum, so he's a bit more limited in what he can do. Obviously, you could have someone else drumming and we could do a show, but it would have to be a very, very different kind of approach if we were to do anything again -- and, then, would that really be Genesis? You've got to make certain you can put on a show that is good enough to be a Genesis show.”

Banks didn't rule out a reunion though, saying: "it’s never impossible."

"We changed so much and adapted and so many things happened to us," he recalled. "It makes you feel very old, I have to say. But then you think about from 'Silent Sun' to A Trick of the Tail, that was only eight years. And when you talk about Invisible Touch or something, which is about 30 years ago now and only feels like 10 years ago. Your life sort of gets compressed in certain areas – but in a good way, I think. There's a lot of good work there.”

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock