See the setlist from Midnight Oil's Chicago show

Music 24/05/2017

This September Midnight Oil are coming to NZ for their Great Circle world tour.

They are playing two massive shows in Auckland and Christchurch and we can't wait.

This week they are in The US, with their most recent show played at The Vic Theatre in Chicago.

The show began with a 'moody, red-lit' Outside World. Then they went on to perform Short Memory.

After that Peter Garrett mentioned that songs they wrote years ago seem to have as much meaning today.

The things we were writing and singing about then have got this strange habit of meaning as much today as they did when they were first recorded.

Overall it sounded like an incredible show.

See the set list below (which is likely to be similar to their upcoming NZ shows)

  • Outside World
  • Only the Strong
  • Short Memory
  • Read About It
  • Scream in Blue
  • US Forces
  • Power and the Passion
  • Maralinga
  • Tin Legs and Tin Mines
  • Somebody’s Trying to Tell Me Something
  • My Country
  • Kosciusko
  • When the Generals Talk
  • Spirit of the Age
  • Ships of Freedom
  • The Dead Heart
  • Beds Are Burning
  • Blue Sky Mine
  • Dreamworld

Encore 1:
Put Down That Weapon
Forgotten Years
Encore 2:

Illinois Entertainer