Paul McCartney says he is 'very excited' to return to NZ

music news 22/06/2017

Last night at 9:30pm Paul McCartney joined Tim Minchin on Facebook live to share the details of his NZ and Australia tour dates.

He started off by saying that he was very excited to return in December.

He then goes on to answer questions from fans that were submitted on Facebook.

Josh from NZ asks Paul what his favourite album to record was to which Paul says is a difficult question as they change.

"They're like your children you don't want to have a favourite. This year it's got to be Sgt. Pepper because I'm re-listening to it because it's re-released after 50 years and it does sound good."

If you missed his Facebook Live Q & A, watch it here but scroll to 15.30 to the start point.