40 years ago Led Zeppelin play their last ever US concert

Music 25/07/2017

40 years ago Robert Plant told the crowd “It feels great to be back” as Led Zeppelin played the second Oakland concert of their first U.S. tour in two years.

What he didn't know at the time is that this one would be their last U.S. Show.

It was July 24, 1977 and there were only seven more concerts left on the schedule for the four-month tour but when Plant's 5-year old son died two days later, they were cancelled.

On September 11, 1980, they announced plans for a return to the U.S. with a tour called the 1980s: Part One, but two weeks later, the day after the group’s first rehearsal, drummer John Bonham died after reportedly drinking “40 measures of vodka in 12 hours.”

Two months later, Led Zeppelin said they wouldn’t carry on without him, meaning that they had played their American farewell without knowing it.

Although Led Zeppelin eventually regrouped, the 1977 tour was a disappointing end to their American plans.

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