Don Felder reveals the moment he knew 'Hotel California' was a hit

Music 14/07/2017

'Hotel California' is arguably one of the greatest rock songs of all time and still widely popular today.

Former Eagles member, Don Felder didn't realise the impact the song had on the world until a few years back in 2013.

Back in 2013 he performed at the United Nations in New York City in front of an audience of over 600 strong from different countries around the world. Many of them didn’t speak English and had to rely on translator earphones.

To Felder's surprise they didn't just understand the song, they knew it off by heart and it wasn't long until everyone was singing along.

“I’m playing for this audience, and I hope they could understand the lyrics and the song,” revealed Felder in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock.

“So when I get to “Hotel California,” everybody in the crowd is singing along, they knew every lyric to this song: ‘Wow, guys in parts of the world who don’t even speak English know this song.’ It was an awakening for me about the global impact that the song has had over the years. Forty years later, it’s still going along.”