Fleetwood Mac talk returning to the stage together after two years

music news 14/07/2017

After two years of focusing on just their solo careers the members of Fleetwood Mac are getting back together for a pair of shows this month, as part of The Classic festival.

On Sunday, June 16 Fleetwood Mac will perform for Classic West in Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium. The Eagles, with Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers, will headline the first night on Saturday 15th.

Classic East takes place July 29 through 30 at Citi Field in New York.

It'll be Fleetwood Mac's first public appearances since November of 2015.

"We're just going to go in and close our eyes and have fun -- that's all I can say about it," guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, who's currently touring with Christine McVie to promote their new duo album said.

"It's sort of a spectacle. You can't really worry about the aesthetics or anything. You just have to have fun with it, and hopefully that's what we'll do. We're just going to brush up on our set, and we're certainly not reinventing anything for those shows."

McVie adds that, "It'll be more of the same, I expect. Certainly we'll start with the 'The Chain.' I think we've got muscle memory after being on the road for a year and a half the last time. It will probably be basically the same set; I don't know if we might decide to make an extreme move and do something different."

Fleetwood Mac toured with the Eagles during the '70s, playing stadium dates together and Stevie Nicks had a relationship with Don Henley.

"We used to sort of alternate between one and two in the charts back in the '70s," McVie remembers. "We'd check out Billboard and see who was number one this week, so we were fairly competitive back in the day. But I still have such fond memories of 'Hotel California.' It takes me way back to that time."

McVie and Buckingham admitted they were interested to see how the Eagles would go without the incredible, Glenn Frey, who sadly died in January 2016.

Glenn Frey's son Deacon is going the band for the shows.

"I was quite surprised, actually, but I'm proud of them for doing it. I think they've got a good replacement for Glenn," McVie says.

Buckingham adds that, "It was just a sad thing, Glenn's passing, so I don't know what you do in that kind of situation. I don't really have any preconceptions. They're smart guys; I'm sure it all works on some level, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out. But, you know, it's just such a loss in the sense of Don and Glenn for all those years -- and other people kind of floating in and out of the band, but that always being the center. So anything [else] you do is going to seem a little foreign, at least initially."

Buckingham and McVie will also be playing their own shows around two Classic shows dates, while Nicks has four U.S. solo shows booked for August and September.

There are plans for Fleetwood Mac to tour in 2018 and Buckingham is also finishing up a new solo album for the new year so it's all go.

"That's typical for us; There's a lot of moving parts, so you've got to wait for everyone to be ready," he says.