July 3, 1971: Jim Morrison dies aged 27

Music 03/07/2017

On July 3, 1971 the music world was shook by the death of The Doors frontman, Jim Morrison.

He was found in the Paris apartment he shared with girlfriend Pamela Courson.

He was only 27 years old.

Still to this day no one really knows what happened to Jim.

The official story states that after he spent the day before his death with Courson and friends he returned to his apartment at around 1am and began drinking, doing heroin with Courson before a coughing fit sent him to the bathroom to run a hot bath, becoming ill and vomiting blood.

He called to Courson and once the vomiting passed decided he felt well enough to stay in the bath, sending his girlfriend back to bed. She woke later to the horrible realisation that Jim is still in the bathtub and upon entering finds him either dead or dying.

That version of his death was widely accepted until 2007 when New York Times journalist, Sam Bernett offered a second version of events that found Jim in a bathroom stall at Rock'n'Roll Circus, dead from a heroin overdose before being taken back to his apartment by two men who put him in the bathtub to try and revive him before calling paramedics.

He was buried four days later and still today is missed by fans and musicians all over the world.