Roger Waters booed at recent concert in New Orleans

music news 12/07/2017

Roger Waters is currently in North America on his Is This the Life We Really Want? tour to promote his first album since 1992.

Over the weekend her performed in New Orleans which was his first performance in the city since Pink Floyd played there back in 1970.

As most people know Roger Waters is known for his Anti-Trump stance but a few of the concert goers in New Orleans were unprepared for the anti-authoritarianism in his show.

During “Pigs (Three Different Ones),” some profane images of American president, Donald Trump filled the screens: Trump as a baby, being held aloft by Russian President Vladimir Putin; Trump as a statue naked.

The parade continued for several minutes, followed by examples of infamous Trump quotes.

Finally, the words “Trump is a pig” filled the screens, as if the point hadn’t already been made. It had, repeatedly, with a sledgehammer. 

After that display there was some booing followed by a few people walking out of the concert.

Apparently this has also happened at a few of his other recent shows as well but we still think he's awesome.