David Gilmour reflects on touring South America in new interview

Music 16/08/2017

David Gilmour‘s 2016 solo tour including both a return to Pompeii and also his first tour dates in South America.

He later recalled the experience during an interview filmed for his upcoming Live at Pompeii concert documentary.

“This was the first time I’d ever been to South America, and I was quite excited,” says Gilmour in the above clip from the interview. “The venues were vast — we were playing 50,000 a night.”

He also said he found South American fans to be utterly unique in the best possible way.

“The audiences are so fantastically enthusiastic but so polite at the same time,” he explained, quipping, “And it’s a much more even split between men and women — and they’re rather beautiful.”

“Lots of people have said before how great the South American audiences are and how great it is to tour South America,” he noted. “I’d go ‘Yeah, yeah, sure, it’s just the same as everywhere else, really,’ but they were right. It was really a treat.”

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