Mick Fleetwood shares all the details on Fleetwood Mac's 2018 tour

music news 29/08/2017

Fleetwood Mac recently played in front of a sold out crowd at Citi Field in New York City and drummer, Mick Fleetwood is still impressed that they managed to pull it off.

Other than their show at Dodger Stadium in L.A. at the end of last month the band hasn't performed together since their 2015 world tour.

Mick chatted to Rolling Stone about Fleetwood Mac's 2018 tour and although he wasn't too keen to talk about Stevie not wanting to do another album, he said he was 'OK with it'.

"She is gonna be there next year when we begin a tour and spend the better part of 18 months wandering the planet. And this band has to be able to [allow] that and have no blame game at all."

Recently Christine McVie hinted that their tour in 2018 might be a farewell but Mick shut down that statement, saying he didn't know where that is coming from.

In my mind, it's not, and everyone in the band has decided that it's not. But we thought we were finished 30 years ago.

"You will not see a poster saying this is our farewell tour that I could dream of." 

Mick said the set list will be quite different from the last tour with some stuff that almost got forgotten.

Him and Stevie met up in Italy recently and talked about some of the songs they might play on the tour.

"She's already thinking she wants to do some things we haven't done in years. I always think that Stevie and Lindsey should do a Buckingham Nicks song in the set. And Christine should do a blues song."

I hope it certainly won't be the same show as we did before.  

"We always played nearly three hours, and we cut it back a little bit for the wear and tear, but we do over two hours. And when you got three singers, which is, like, three bands, really, to get that perfect set, it's a trip."