Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood took 17 years to ask for a pay rise

News 25/08/2017

Ronnie Wood claims it took him 17 years to ask the Rolling Stones for a pay rise and they'd started to think he would never ask.

Wood joined the band in 1975 and recently spoke about being the 'new kid' in the Rolling Stones.

"It’s only 40-odd years! I did my apprenticeship, 17 years, before I got a raise – before I even thought about money. I was like, ‘Do you think I should get a bit more?’ And they were like, ‘Yeah, well, we thought you’d never ask. Those who don’t ask, don’t want, mate," He said to the Guardian.

He also talked about working with Keith Richards and how they have a standing argument, which is the better player?

“We have to call Eric Clapton and he says, ‘Neither of you are. I’m better than both of you.’ We all still get together and every time we meet up it’s like no time has gone by. And yet there are so many stories to fill in. So many adventures.”

Wood recently had a battle with lung cancer, having to have some of his lung removed but is currently doing well.