Stevie Nicks impressed by band's cover of 'Landslide'

Music 22/09/2017

Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide' has been covered by plenty of other artists but there's one cover that stands out from the rest.

In 1994 The Smashing Pumpkins covered 'Landslide' and their cover went on to become one the band's most loved tracks.

The cover even went to the top three on the Modern Rock Tracks chart in the US in 1994 and number 30 on the US Airplay charts.

It wasn't until a few years later that Stevie Nicks found out about it.

When she heard the cover she was very impressed.

“There’s nothing more pleasing to a songwriter than [someone else] doing one of their songs. [‘Landslide’] also led me to being friends with Billy [Corgan] and the possibility that we’ll work together,” she told SonicNet in 1998.

“Over this song, there’s been this incredible connection … he reached out … I believe that my poetry is really meant for everyone, no matter what age.”

Take a listen below.