10 things you didn't know about Alice Cooper

Music 26/10/2017

We are so excited that Alice Cooper is returning to New Zealand for two shows in Auckland and Wellington this weekend.

Here's a few things you may not know about the rock icon.

1. His real name is actually Vincent Damon Furnier

2. He is the son of a Preacher. Alice grew up in Phoenix, Arizona as the son of a preacher in the Church of Jesus Christ.

3. He loves golf. He plays golf six times a week, and hosts his own annual charity competition, the Alice Cooper Celebrity AM Golf Tournament.

4. He used to babysit Keanu Reeves. Reeves' mother used to let her next-door-neighbor Alice take Keanu to the recording studio while she went to work. Apparently, Keanu had no idea that "Mr. Cooper" was famous until years later.

5. He ran for Governor. In 1988, Alice ran for governor in his home state of Arizona under the slogan "Alice Cooper: A Troubled Man for Troubled Times"

6. He has his own theme park ride and his own restaurant. Universal Studios in LA featured an Alice-themed "spooky maze" during their 2011 Halloween Season and his Cooperstown restaurant in Arizona has been operating since 1998.

7. He has his own Bon Jovi song. The song is called 'The Ballad of Alice Cooper.' Alice ended up recording the never-released Bon Jovi B-side himself, after years of teasing the Jersey band about the song never making the final cut on their commercial albums.

8. He is a big Beatles fan. He has said, "I loved The Beatles because they wrote such simple songs, which is a really tough thing to do."

9. He is afraid of needles. Alice doesn't do doctors' visits: "Put my head in a guillotine, fine, but put a needle near me and I'm passed out on the floor."

10. He performs with Johnny Depp. Alice and Johnny have performed together on numerous occasions, both for charity events and for a few nights on Alice's most recent tours.

Source: Buzz Feed