Creepy footage released of David Gilmour's abandoned $13m country house

News 17/10/2017

A video has surfaced of an abandoned mansion once owned by David Gilmour.

As seen in the video above the house doesn't look like it has been lived in for some time.

Gilmour wasn't the last owner of the house however so the stuff left behind doesn't belong to him.

As stated by NME, the 11-bedroom, $13 million Hook End Manor in Gallowstreet Common was once a recording studio used by Rod Stewart, Tom Jones and others. Gilmour even recorded parts of Pink Floyd's 1987 album A Momentary Lapse of Reason there.

Producer Trevor Horn, who joined Yes as a member on their 1980 Drama album owned the house after Gilmour, who bought it in 1980 from Ten Years After leader Alvin Lee.

The house was re-discovered by a couple of urban explorers who told Get Reading: “It was quite eerie, the pool and snooker tables with games set up were definitely a bit spooky.”

“We also found a gravestone in basement,” they continued: “It was very interesting experience looking around there, like it was a whole life frozen in time.”