Listen to Bruce Springsteen's new song 'Freedom Cadence'

music news 31/10/2017

Bruce Springsteen has released a new song called 'Freedom Cadence' for the movie 'Thank You for Your Service'.

The film opened on Friday and focuses on Iraq war veterans suffering from PTSD.

In a recent interview with the Springsteen fan site Backstreets, those involved with the film revealed how the song began, explaining that Adam Schumann, the real-life subject of the book, "had a cadence that they sang in boot camp, and Jon [Kilik, the movie's producer] recorded him singing it on his cellphone," Hall said. "Jon is friends with Bruce and played it for him. Bruce was like, 'Oh, that's cool. How'd the movie turn out?' 'Movie turned out great.' We played him the movie. Bruce loved it, watched it twice and then said, 'Send me that recording, come back in a month and bring that kid.' So Adam went up there with Jon and recorded the song with him."

Springsteen recorded the song at his Stone Hill Studio in New Jersey.

Take a listen below.