Tom Petty's final interview has been released

music news 06/10/2017

This week we heard the sad news that Tom Petty had suffered a cardiac arrest and after a day of fighting he passed away in hospital, aged 66.

Just days before he passed away Tom caught up with the Los Angeles Times which turned out to be his last interview.

In the interview he seemed optimistic about the future. He was set to produce the second album for the LA rock band, The Shelter and also had plans for his Sirius XM radio station.

As for the Heartbreakers he had no intentions of stopping soon.

"If one of us went down, or if one of us died — God forbid — or got sick…We’re all older now…Then we’d stop. I think that would be the end of it, if someone couldn’t do it," Petty said.

"On the back side of your 60s, most people aren’t working. This keeps us young. I think it keeps me young. When I see people I knew from earlier in life and I run into them now, they’re very different than me. And they look different. I think this has kept us all thinking young and feeling young. It is grueling to do a very, very long one," he said.

"This was quite a long one. It’s sometimes physically hard. But then the lights go down, you hear the crowd and you’re all better. You feel like, ‘OK, let’s do it.'"

Check out the full interview HERE

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