10 things you didn't know about Robert Plant

Music 10/11/2017

Led Zeppelin appeared in out Hall of Fame countdown for 2017 a total of 35 times, with Robert Plant's 'Tall Cool One' also featuring.

To celebrate the most popular band in this year's Hall of Fame we've found some interesting facts that you might not know about Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant.

1. Robert aspired to become a chartered accountant. His father wanted him to be an accountant so Plant started training to become one but quit after two weeks.

2. He wasn't Led Zeppelin's first choice. Jimmy Page originally considered Donavan and Steve Windwood before going for Plant.

3. He won an award for his beard. In 2007 he won the Beard Liberation Front, beard of the year award.

4. He wrote all but three songs from Led Zeppelin's first album.

5. The song Kashmir was influenced by Plant's travels in Morocco.

6. Black Dog was named after a dog that Robert Plant used to see hanging around the recording studio.

7. Elvis Presley is one of his biggest musical influences. Led Zeppelin and Elvis Presley became quite friendly in the 1970s. They met on numerous occasion and Led Zeppelin attended at least two Elvis concerts, sitting front row center.

8. He had a breakdown after his son, Karac died. On July 26, 1977, five year old Karac died from a stomach virus. The Led Zeppelin hit 'All of My Love' and Plant's solo hit 'I Believe' are dedicated to Karac.

9. Plant received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. He also received the Polar Music Prize in 2006.

10. Robert Plant like to play soccer as a boy in West Bromwich.