9 famous musicians who suffer from hearing loss

music news 23/11/2017
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Brian Johnson. The Former AC/DC frontman had to leave the band in 2016 after his hearing loss worsen and he could no longer perform shows.

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Pete Townshend. The Who's Pete Townshend has been battling hearing loss for all his life. The loud music, paired with pyrotechnic demolishing acts on stage have taken their toll but he still continues to play live shows.

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Sting. The former member of The Police admitted that he is fairly deaf, but refused to wear a hearing aid. After he developed tinnitus, he became an active supporter and celebrity ambassador for the Hear The World Foundation.

Neil Young suffers from tinnitus, a common affliction for rock stars and involves a persistent ringing in the ears.

Brian Wilson. While most of the musicians damage their hearing because of loud music, Brian Wilson has always been deaf to his right ear. In spite of that, he created one of the best albums of all time 'Pet Sounds.' Bob Dylan even said once: “Jesus, look at that ear. He should donate it to the Smithsonian.”

Eric Clapton has been through a lot in his life, from alcoholism, drug addiction and the death of his 4-year-old son. Sadly, the legendary guitarist also suffers from incessant tinnitus that he acquired while making timeless music.

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Phil Collins has been dealing with hearing loss for a long time and even had to retire in 2011 because of his deteriorating condition. Luckily that didn't stop Collins from his comeback in 2016.

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Jeff Beck. Years of loud music and search for the ultimate sound have taken their toll on Jeff Beck's ears, giving him a moderately painful onset of tinnitus.

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Ozzy Osbourne. Heavy metal isn’t easy on the ears so it's no surprise that Ozzy has suffered significant loss because of the loud music and his lifestyle.

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