Aussie Prime Minister struggles to name one AC/DC song

Music 21/11/2017

Australia's Prime Minister struggled to name a single AC/DC song in an awkward interview on Monday.

Malcolm Turnbull was asked to name his favourite AC/DC song during an interview on Triple M's Matro, Ed & Robin show.

The question follows the death of Malcolm Young, the band's founder and guitarist, after a long battle with cancer.

"Ahhhh," Mr Turnbull stalls after being asked the question.

"Well tell me, what's your favourite AC/DC song?" he deflects.

The hosts give their own answers, and then start running off AC/DC songs.

One of them jokes that 'Barbie Girl' is their favourite.

"Oh, leave him alone," another says.

Eventually Mr Turnbull named his favourite song, but it wasn't an AC/DC track.

"My favourite song from that era is The Eagles If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too," he said.

"That's the old romantic in me."

Listen to the interview below: