Brian Johnson opens up about Malcolm Young in new interview

Music 23/11/2017

On November 18 after the death of Malcolm Young, former AC/DC band member, Brian Johnson paid tribute to his bandmate and friend.

Now he has opened up in an interview with Rolling Stone about his former bandmate.

"Malcolm never missed a trick," he told the magazine in his first interview in two years. "He paid attention to everything. Onstage he was always watching, taking in things and making sure it wouldn't happen again if he didn't like the look of some lights or something. ... Malcolm gave rock 'n' roll a fist. He'd give it a kick in the ass."

Johnson remembered his audition for AC/DC in 1980 after Bon Scott died and said how Malcolm Young made him feel welcome.

"They had asked singers to come in and do a couple of songs," he recalled. "The smallest guy in the room stood up and walked towards me. Pulled out a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale, because that is where I am from, and said, 'There you go, mate, just make yourself at home.' It was Malcolm."

"When I first joined them and went to Australia, he took me to meet his mother and father," Johnson said. "Then he came up to Newcastle to meet me mom and dad, just to say, 'Hey, I am Malcolm and this is the band.' He was just such a thoughtful man."

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock