Brian May not impressed by Instagram ban over a photo of him performing

News 16/11/2017

Queen guitarist, Brian May received an Instagram ban after posting a photo of him at a recent show and was not impressed.

The Queen legend said his account was disabled for copyright violation after he posted a photo taken by a person named Barbara.

He said he normally credited people but "must have forgotten" this time.

He said she should have just asked him for a credit instead of reported his post.

"All I can say is that if you feel you were 'violated', I feel pretty violated myself," he wrote.

"What an incredibly unfriendly act from you, Barbara! You not only took my picture and are evidently exploiting my image, and making money off me without so much as a 'by your leave' - but you actually stop me using a picture of myself! What a crazy world we live in these days."

Brian also wrote that he would be tempted to have the photographer thrown out of future concers if he knew she was there.

He is currently on tour with Queen and Adam Lambert, they head to NZ in February 2018.