Robert Plant hates the sound of his voice in early Led Zeppelin songs

Music 03/11/2017

Robert Plant says he doesn't like his singing in some of Led Zeppelin's earliest songs.

In a recent interview with The Guardian he said he "realized that tough, manly approach to singing I’d begun on [the 1966 track with the band Listen] 'You Better Run' wasn’t really what it was all about at all. Songs like [Zeppelin's] 'Babe I’m Going to Leave You' ... I find my vocals on there horrific now. I really should have shut the f--- up!"

After working on the songs 'Friends', an unplugged track from Led Zeppelin's III, he realised that his original approach to singing wasn't all there was.

In the interview Plant looked back on his early days as an artist and he talked about Led Zeppelin's 'Achilles Last Stand,' the opening track to 1976's Presence. He noted how the Damned were one of his favorite bands from that time. “'New Rose,' 'Neat Neat Neat': what brilliant songs," he said. "They quite rightly kicked juggernauts like Pink Floyd into touch for a couple of years."

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock