Brian May opened up on how Adam Lambert joined the Queen family

News 01/12/2017

After we'd finished touring with Paul Rodgers, once again Roger and I felt we were done, and probably that would be the end of Queen touring.

Brian May explained that in 2009, he started getting messages about how there's an incredible American Idol contestant who sung one of Queen's songs in the competition. 

"So I immediately checked out YouTube to find out what was going on; and, sure enough, there was this amazing young chap singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - Adam Lambert."

It was definitely fate as Roger Taylor and Brian May received an invitation to perform in LA on American Idol with the two finalists, including Adam Lambert.

"They were both good singers and both had a good presence on stage, and it was easy to interact with them. But it was really blindingly obvious that there was a chemistry already between us and Adam."

Although Adam Lambert didn't win the competition, Brian May said it made no difference as Adam was already perceived as a star by his fans and the media.

Soon, Queen and Adam Lambert performed their first gig at an awards show at Belfast which was very well received by fans and media.

Brian said that Adam Lambert has never attempted to mimic Freddie and believed that endears him to the fans, on top of his extraordinary vocals.

In his book, Brian mentioned that there are people who felt that they shouldn't be touring at all. They were told to pack up their gear and go into an old people's home.

"But it's been very obvious that not just the old folks, but at least two new generations around the world have absolutely latched on to Queen music, and love it, and have woven it into their lives; and they love seeing us play it live with this 'boy."

"He is a little older now, but still a boy compared with us old rockers. But the age difference doesn't matter. We have the same work ethic, the same enjoyment of the material, and in these arenas and larger places that we've played all I see are happy faces, people who feel, like us, that it’s a privilege to share these kinds of moments, long after Freddie has gone."

"And - my God - it's fun!"

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