Dire Straits Rock Hall reunion comes down to Mark Knopfler

music news 18/12/2017

Dire Straits are officially part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2018 but will they reunite for the induction?

Bassist John McIllsley reveals that both he and Mark Knopfler will attend the ceremony to accept the honour but the decision to perform comes down to Knopfler.

“Mark is quite sort of restrained about things like this. We have spoken about [the induction] and we just said, ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ I think it would probably be important if Mark and I were there. I'll definitely be there, and I'll definitely talk Mark into coming as well. It's essentially up to him if he wants to do anything, and I completely respect his feelings about it. He doesn't want too much white light.”

McIllsley is very happy that Dire Straits are being inducted.

“It sort of fills me with a lot of pleasure, I must say, to be recognised and to be included in the thing that we love doing best, which is making music and playing rock 'n' roll," Illsley told Billboard.

"I still consider [Dire Straits] to always be a rock 'n' roll band; first and foremost that's where we came from. So to be part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is like ticking off a pretty large box.”

Keyboardist, Alan Clark also spoke about his plans around the induction ceremony.

“I'll go if there's a reason to go, if Mark decides he wants to go and put something together and go and perform there," keyboardist Alan Clark noted. "Jump back to 1992, the last gig we played in Spain, I said, 'That will be the last gig we ever play.' When people say, 'Will the band ever get back together?’ I always say no. But will we get together for this? I don't know. I'd be totally into the idea of it happening.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place on April 14 in Cleveland.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock