Eric Clapton reveals the most satisfying moment of his career

Music 07/12/2017

Eric Clapton compared his approach to making music to working on a puzzle that's never completed.

Now he has revealed the most satisfying moment of his career which took place toward the end of Cream’s career in 1968 while he was onstage with bandmates Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker.

“I create a portion of time for a beginning and an end,” Clapton told Rolling Stone of his creative process in an interview linked with his new documentary, Life in 12 Bars.

“It has to make sense, make a picture. If left to my own devices in the studio, I will go over and over and over until I think it is as refined as it can be. ‘Layla’ was like that, like building a puzzle.

“It's never complete. But I remember one night in Philadelphia with Cream. It was near the end of our touring together. We knew it was over. We were just having a good time playing. And I remember thinking, ‘This is as great as it will ever be.’ Have I ever been satisfied? Definitely for one night, yeah.”

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock