How Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' got a teacher fired

Music 18/12/2017

On December 14, 1987 teacher, Jacqueline Fowler lost an appeal when the  U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a case where she disputed her termination for showing Pink Floyd's movie adaptation of The Wall to a class of Kentucky teenagers.

At the end of the school year Fowler asked her class what movie they'd like to watch and they voted for Pink Floyd: The Wall.

She apparently showed the video on May 31, 1984, without knowledge of the dark and brutal, adult-themed script that follows a rock stars failed marriage, drug abuse and violent paranoia.

A Kentucky school board deemed the flm inappropriate for 14-to-17-year-old students and ended Fowler's employment. A U.S. Circuit Court ultimately sided with the board.

Fowler had apparently relied on one of her students description of 'The Wall', he reportedly said the movie only had 'one bad place in it.'

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock