Fleetwood Mac helps raise $7 million for charity

Music 01/02/2018

On Friday before the Grammy's, Fleetwood Mac joined together with artists paying tribute to their work to raise $7 million for down-on-their luck musicians at a benefit in Radio City Music Hall.

The annual MusiCares fundraiser, held each year before the Grammys was held in New York for the first time in 15 years.

“Not very far below the level of dysfunction is what really exists and what we’re feeling now more than ever in our career, which is love,” said member Lindsey Buckingham.

The band played a five song mini-set including 'Tusk' and 'Go Your Own Way'.

When speaking at the ceremony Stevie Nicks spoke about turning 70 in a few months and said Fleetwood Mac now has several generations of fans. “We have 90-year-old fans,” she said. “They’re still out there. They just can’t make it to our shows.”

Source: Washington Post