Jimmy Page on how Led Zeppelin got their name

Music 22/02/2018

Since Led Zeppelin began in London back in 1968 they've been one of the world's biggest rock bands ever since.

Many people don't know how the band got their name though - it actually involved another band of the same era, The Who.

"It was a name that Keith Moon had mentioned back then. He was talking, 'Wouldn't it be fun to have a band called Led Zeppelin?' And I asked him if we could use the name, because I was gonna be in this band Led Zeppelin with Keith Moon, so was Jeff Beck," Jimmy Page said.

"So when we were playing in Scandinavia we were out there as New Yardbirds, it was a cloak of invisibility really. And even on the first recordings it said 'New Yardbirds' on the box because I didn't want anybody to know what the name of the band was until we really officially unveiled it. And [the first album] was it.

Source: Ultimate Guitar