Stevie Ray Vaughan's statue found vandalised

News 26/02/2018

The iconic statue of legendary blues performer Stevie Ray Vaughan at Austin, Texas, was vandalized by taggers for the second time since January.

The first vandalism happened at the end of Jan 2018, with a series of white painted words on the back of Vaughan's poncho. 

The latest vandalism happened a day after Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. included the words "Philly loves" and "St. Nick" sprayed in green paint and a Philadelphia Eagles jersey draped over the statue. 

Photo courtesy to Fox 7.

Thanks to the help of witnesses who have marked down the suspect's license plates, the police have arrested 39-year old Matthew Rutledge who has confessed to the crime and is now facing a misdemeanor for criminal mischief graffiti.