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The Cars release demo version of 'Drive'

Music 21/02/2018

The Cars have shared a demo version of their hit 'Drive' which will appear on the expanded version of the 1984 album 'Heartbreak City'.

THe re-release is set to arrive the end of next month which is only a few weeks before the band gets inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Listen to the demo below.

The 'Heartbreak City' expanded edition features:

  • Hello Again
  • Looking For Love
  • Magic
  • Drive
  • Stranger Eyes
  • You Might Think
  • It's Not the Night
  • Why Can't I Have You
  • I Refuse
  • Heartbreak City
  • Hello Again (remix)
  • Drive (Demo)
  • One More Time
  • Baby I Refuse
  • Jacki
  • Breakaway
  • Tonight She Comes

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock