Bon Jovi's 'This House is Not For Sale' album is back at number 1

Music 06/03/2018

It's been over a year since Bon Jovi's latest album 'This House is Not For Sale' topped the charts after its release and now it is back at number 1.

Billboard reports that House, which first hit number 1 after arriving in stores on November 4, 2016, has rebounded to the top spot thanks to a surge in sales of roughly 120,000 copies.

The surge in sales was most likely due to the ticket promotion attached to the group's current tour, which allows fans to redeem their concert ticket for a copy of the album.

'This House is Not for Sale' is Bon Jovi's sixth number 1 LP and made headlines after its release due to it dropping from number 1 down to number 43 and then all the way down to 127.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock